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Dave Irish - Through The Dark

Get Dave's new "Through the Dark" album available now
Dave has a new CD available to bless you. The first single release from his 12th studio album, "Maker of Sunsets" is available for preview here. Contact Dave here for ordering details.

Digital versions of Dave's albums now available
Many of Dave's albums are now only available via digital download. See the Music page for details on what releases are avilable in specific formats, or contact Dave here for ordering details.

Bring Dave home for a concert
If you are looking for a truly intimate event for your friends, family or group, you couldn't make a better choice than to book Dave for a concert right in your home. Dave brings his extensive repertoire and personable style in a concert experience you are not likely to forget. Dave's home concerts make fantastic gifts too! Contact Dave today for details.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful concert you played in my home. The twist you have with a little rhythm and blues in the music makes it so original and fresh to listen to. Everyone had a great time and were looking forward to doing it again in the future!”
- Cindy

“I give my strongest recommendation to having Dave Irish minister at your church.”
Ken Ortize
Senior Pastor  
Calvary Chapel, Spokane, WA.

Dave writes virtually all of his music, with the exception of the occasional hymn that he arranges in a style uniquely his own. He is equally comfortable performing alone-just him and his piano-with another accent instrument like a cello, or with his full band. His goal is to work in the ministry context to which his host is accustomed. Dave’s music can be utilized in a variety of ways, here are a few:

- Concerts
- Guest Worship Leader
- Special music that reinforces the theme of a church service
- Special Events-Retreats

Having recorded one CD per year since 1994, Dave hopes to continue recording and exploring new avenues in his music. He is committed to excellence, without sacrificing heart centered ministry Dave and his wife Nancy were married in 1983 and have two daughters, Breanna and  Jess.

A life of worship
Dave uses his music to express his life’s devotion of giving respect and honor to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. His unique expression has touched thousands of lives around the world. His divinely inspired songs are refreshingly honest and transparent, born from a lifelong effort to forge a truth-filled relationship with his Savior, Lord, and Friend. Just as King David’s music brought praise to God and comfort to troubled hearts, so the music of Dave Irish has proven to do the same (1 Samuel 16:22-23)

Financial Policy
Full-time support for Dave’s family comes from his ministry. It’s set up as a nonprofit 501-c3. He has a board of directors who have determined his salary. He’s chosen not to charge a fee for his services. Instead, his compensation for an event is at the discretion of the church or sponsor featuring him.

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